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SZBL Female Scientists Won a Series of Awards


SZBL female scientists won a series of awards before the 2023 International Women's Day: Zhang Lei was awarded the “March-Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter Title” in Shenzhen, Peng Qin and Ge Yun were awarded the “March-Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter Title” in Guangming District, and Chen Meixin, Jiang Xian and their teams were respectively awarded the titles of “March-Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter Group”, “Woman Civilization Station” and “Advanced Individual in Job Creation” in Guangming District.


Strategic Cooperation between China Resources Group and Shenzhen Bay Laboratory

On the afternoon of November 11th, 2022, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Shenzhen Bay Laboratory and China Resources Group & the unveiling ceremony of the Joint Research Center of China Resources Sanjiu - Shenzhen Bay Laboratory was held in Huizhou.