Institute for Cell Analysis

Institute for Cell Analysis

The Institute for Cell Analysis (ICA) aims to establish a world-leading research institute for research on cell analysis. ICA will focus on developing the cutting-edge technologies for cell analysis, and is oriented by interests in fields ranging from fundamental biology to public health. ICA will foster technological innovations that lead to breakthrough in related fields, highlighting the following objectives:

Institute for Cell Analysis

Key Areas

1. Development of novel techniques for cell analysis that focuses on state-of-the-art methodologies for protein analysis

- Novel mass spectrometry imaging techniques

- Novel approaches to single-cell proteomics

- Novel techniques for protein interaction characterization

2. Development of high-throughput automated multi-omics techniques at single-cell resolution that focus on characterization, manipulation and procession of minute amount of cells

- Imaging of transcriptomes and proteomes at high spatial resolution, and integrative acquisition of multi-omics data

- Investigation on fundamental scientific and engineering problems of control and transportation of micro-scale fluid

- Automated processing of integrative multi-omics data, and their visualization

3. Establishment of a world-leading platform for research on cell analysis 

- An innovative arsenal for multi-omics studies

- A supporting environment for multi-omics integration

- An open framework for collaboration