Academicians NI Jiazuan and TONG Xiaolin Visited SZBL



On September 4, Chinese academicians NI Jiazuan and TONG Xiaolin paid a visit to Shenzhen Bay Laboratory (SZBL) with their delegation. SZBL leadership including WU Yun-dong, HU Xiaojun and TU Huan met with the delegates. The visit facilitates discussions and exchanges on the research and development of the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the integration of Chinese medicine and western medicine.

At the meeting, WU Yun-dong provided a detailed briefing on the development and achievement of SZBL. The occasion brought back memories of academicians NI Jiazuan and WU Yun-dong about how they pursued academic career in Shenzhen and experienced Shenzhen’s growth with intellectual vitality since the launch of the Special Economic Zone.

The meeting heard introduction on TCM theories by TONG Xiaolin, who also spoke about the pathological mechanism of infectious diseases based on a TCM perspective and discussed on novel TCM therapies and challenges facing the integration of Chinese medicine and western medicine.

NI Jiazuan pointed out that the integration of Chinese medicine and western medicine is playing bigger role in social wellness. The academic and scientific community should find ways to innovate and modernize this integration to help address major health issues concerning national strategies.

To conclude the meeting, WU Yun-dong said that the potential for TCM treatments and modern medical practices to combine has been well observed by the scientific community, and he also expressed anticipation for further exchange and cooperation with TONG Xiaolin’s group.