Lobie, Peter E

汇天下英才 建世界舞台

Lobie, Peter E





  • 2019-Present

    Shenzhen Bay Laboratory         Senior Principal Investigator

  • 2010

    Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, NUS, Singapore         Tenured Professor

  • 2005

    Liggins Institute, UoA, NZ         Tenured Professor and Associate Director

  • 2003

    Liggins Institute, UoA, NZ         Associate Professor and Associate Director

  • 2002

    IMCB (NUS), Singapore         Associate Professor

  • 1996

    IMCB (NUS), Singapore         Principal Investigator

Research Areas


The overarching aim of his laboratory is to characterize the biology of, and develop methods of inhibition to novel and clinically relevant proteins involved in the pathophysiology of breast and other functionally related cancers. They are focused to develop proof of principle inhibitory strategies to demonstrate the potential utility of these targets in oncology and generate novel therapeutic agents for eventual clinical use. Hence, evaluation of individual molecules for their potential therapeutic application and commercial exploitation also forms an important component of the work. 










Peter E Lobie is author of more than 190 publications and is an international authority on molecular mechanisms of hormone action with more than 9500 citations and a h-factor of 59. He is the inventor on a number of patent families and has been associated heavily with industry during his time in Sweden (Pharmacia), has consulted for Pfizer Inc. and Metabolic Inc. and in New Zealand served as a senior consultant to Neuren Pharmaceuticals as head of their cancer research programme. He was the founding scientist of Perseis Therapeutics Ltd and Sinotar Therapeutics Ltd, two new entities focused on development of first in class therapeutics to novel cancer target molecules. He has also consulted for national level government ministries in Singapore and New Zealand. He is/was an editorial board member of Endocrinology and Molecular Endocrinology, among a number of other international journals and served on the Annual Meeting Steering Committee of The Endocrine Society (USA). He has served as a reviewer for more than 70 academic journals and more than 15 local and international granting agencies.








• 1992 The University Medal for Outstanding Scholarship 

• 2002 Singapore National Academy of Science Young Scientist Award 

• 2006 Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand (Academician) 

• 2014 Chinese Government Friendship Award, September 

• 2015 Chinese Academy of Sciences President’s Fellowship 






Seleceted Publications


1. Wang XN, Wang SJ, Pandey V, Chen P, Wang X, Huang S, Li BS, Li YY, Wu ZS, Wu Q, Lobie PE (2015) TFF3 is a novel biomarker to distinguish between adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Medicine 94:e860 .

2. Perry JK, Wu ZS, Mertani HC, Zhu T, Lobie PE (2017) Tumor derived growth hormone as a therapeutic target in oncology. Trends Endo. Metab. 28:587-596 .

3. Pandey V, Wang BC, Mohan CD, Raquib AR, Rangappa S, Srinivasa V, Fuchs JE, Girish KS, Zhu T, Bender A, Ma L, Yin Z, Basappa S, Rangappa KS, Lobie PE (2018) Discovery of a novel small molecule inhibitor of specific serine-residue BAD phosphorylation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA., 115: E10505-E10514.

4. Pandey V, Zhang M, You ML, Chen RM, Lan M, Wu ZS, Zhu T, Xu XQ, Lobie PE (2018) Expression of two genetic elements is sufficient to stimulate oncogenic transformation of human mammary epithelial cells. Cell Death Dis. 9:1147.

5. Zhang M, Wang B, Chong QY, Pandey V, Guo Z, Chen RM, Wang L, Ma L, Kumar AP, Zhu T, Wu ZS, Yin Z, Basappa, Goh BC, Lobie PE (2019) A novel small-molecule inhibitor of trefoil factor 3 (TFF3) potentiates MEK1/2 inhibition in lung adenocarcinoma. Oncogenesis 8:65.