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Shenzhen Bay Scholars Program

05.09 2022.

Shenzhen Bay Scholars Program is launched in 2021 to strategically build SZBL’s talent pipeline, support innovative research, and promote interdiscipl...


04.18 2022.

SZBL and IDIBELL launch their joint PhD Exchange Program call for 2022, with the aim of fostering collaboration in research between both institutions ...

2022 SZBL-HKUST/SZBL-HKU Joint PhD Program Admission Guideline

09.30 2021.

Shenzhen Bay Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as "SZBL") in cooperation with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) a...

Announcement on 2021 Young Scientists' Online Forum of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory

08.03 2021.

In order to bring together outstanding young scientists from domestic and abroad, discuss cutting-edge research in disease mechanism, bioinformatics, ...

Shenzhen Bay Scholars Programme in SZBL

08.03 2021.

Shenzhen Bay Scholars Programme, initiated at the year of 2021, designed to host and sponsor Shenzhen Bay Scholar and Shenzhen Bay Fellow, is launched...

SZBL - HKU Joint PhD Student Training Program

03.20 2021.

关于我们 About us深圳湾实验室(生命信息与生物医药广东省实验室)是广东省、深圳市建设粤港澳国际科技创新中心和综合性国家科学中心的重大战略部署,是深圳建设中国特色社会主义先行示范区行动中,全力支持的重大创新载体。实验室永久场地位于光明科学城,规划总建筑面积40万平方米。深圳湾实验室面向世界科...

Application Guide for Shenzhen Bay Laboratory - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Joint PhD Program (2020/2021)

03.01 2020.

​Shenzhen Bay Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as SZBL), initiated by Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, is one of the...

Recruitment of Faculty for Shenzhen Bay Laboratory(SZBL)

05.05 2019.

The Shenzhen Bay Laboratory (SZBL) is a newly-established research institution for health sciences located in the heart of the China Great Bay Area. I...