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Nieng Yan was elected as a Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences


On November 22, the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the results of the election of members in 2023, and Nieng Yan, the director of SZBL, was elected as a Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences this year.   


Nieng Yan is dedicated to the structural and mechanistic investigation of transmembrane transport. Her research was the first to solve at atomic resolutions the structures of a series of membrane transport proteins involving important physiological and pathological processes, such as the human glucose transporters, and the eukaryotic voltage-gated sodium and calcium channels, revealing molecular basis for understanding the pathogenic mechanisms of relevant diseases and drug development.

Nieng Yan was honored multiple awards by prestigious organizations. She is a recipient of the Science/AAAS and GE Healthcare Young Scientist Award (North America), the HHMI Inaugural International Early Career Award, the Outstanding Young Female Scientist Award of China, the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Science and Technology Progress Award, the Protein Society Young Investigator Award, the Raymond & Beverley Sackler International Prize in Biophysics, the FAOBMB Award for Research Excellence, the Weizmann Women & Science Award, and the Biophysical Society Anatrace Membrane Protein Award. In 2019, Nieng was elected as a Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Sciences, and in 2021, an International Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In 2023, Nieng was elected as the Associate Member of EMBO.

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"Bay Charm" officially launched and operated

On December 4th, the opening ceremony and biomedical industrial innovation salon of Bay Charm (Guangming Biomedical Innovation Center) was held at the Weiguang Life Science Park in Xinhu Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen City. Over two hundred people, including municipal and district leaders, leaders of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, representatives from Shenzhen Weiguang Biological Co., Ltd., resident companies, investment institutions, and cooperative units attended the event.