Affiliated Research Institutes

  • BGI Life Science Research Institution

    BGI Life Science Research Institution

    In 2007, BGI came to Shenzhen and established BGI Research. BGI Research follows the academic tradition and innovative spirit of BGI, with a focus on novel scientific research with a good application value. The Institute is dedicated to the research of genomes, tumors, brain science, reproductive health and animal and plant molecular breeding. Based on major scientific projects on human health, animals, plants and microorganisms, the Institute conducts in-depth scientific research and core technology development at DNA level, RNA level, DNA and histone modification level, protein level, network/system biology level, tuple level, population and evolutionary omics levels, metabolomics levels, synthetic biology levels and the single cell level.

  • Shenzhen Digital Life Institute

    Shenzhen Digital Life Institute

    The Shenzhen Digital Life Institute was established in September 2016. Its research spans digital technology platform, AI modeling and large digital cohort study on health and diseases.

  • Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institute of Brain Sciences

    Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institute of Brain Sciences

    The Shenzhen-Hongkong Institute of Brain Sciences develops research focuses on the core issues of cognitive sciences and neural mechanisms of major brain diseases. Key research areas of the Institute include neural basis of cognition, mechanism of major brain diseases, therapeutic strategy for major brain diseases, and novel technology in brain sciences.

  • Institute of Synthetic Biology

    Institute of Synthetic Biology(iSynBio)

    Institute of Synthetic Biology (iSynBio) was launched in 2017, focusing on reconstruction of artificial life components, gene circuits, biological devices, and multicellular systems, and ultimately dedicated on deciphering the essence and fundamental laws of life. iSynBio has developed to be a young, dynamic, multi-disciplinary, and innovative team.

  • China National GeneBank

    China National GeneBank

    China National GeneBank (CNGB) is one of the key scientific infrastructures in Shenzhen, approved and funded by the Chinese government. CNGB is committed to supporting public welfare, life science research, innovation and industry incubation, through effective bioresource conservation, digitalization and utilization.
    CNGB is a public, non-profit, open, enabling and leading platform. The “Three Banks and Two Platforms” structure integrates the ability to “read, write, and store” massive biological resources. The platform facilitates advanced genomics R&D and technology transfer to industrial application, including precision medicine, agriculture, marine sciences and microbial application, to make genetic resources “Owned by All, Completed by All and Shared by All”.