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The Institute of Cancer Research Symposium was successfully held


From December 9 to 10, 2023, the Institute of Cancer Research Symposium, SZBL was successfully held. The conference invited experts and scholars in the field of tumor biology from all over the country to conduct in-depth discussions on two main themes: tumor biology and translational research, exchanging the latest research results in both basic theory and clinical research fields, providing a good opportunity and approach for subsequent cooperation in tumor translational application research and innovative diagnosis and treatment.


Dr. Xuetong (Snow) Shen, Vice Director of the Institute of Cancer Research and Senior Principal Investigator at SZBL, delivered the opening speech, emphasizing the importance of this conference in promoting tumor biology research in the Greater Bay Area. He hoped that through communication and discussion, participants could share the latest research results and promote the development of the field. He also introduced the research team and recent developments of the Institute of Cancer Research.


Many well-known domestic and foreign experts and scholars were invited to participate in this conference, bringing rich experience and profound expertise in the basic theory of tumor biology and clinical research. The experts fully exchanged their research results and experiences, conducting in-depth discussions on the future development of tumor biology and translational research. The scholars expressed their hope to bring more breakthroughs and innovations to tumor research and treatment by strengthening international cooperation and deepening the combination of basic theoretical research and clinical applications. They also looked forward to more researchers joining the field of tumor biology in the future, contributing to solving the disease problems faced by humanity. Additionally, they anticipated that the Institute of Cancer Research, SZBL would achieve more groundbreaking results in its future research endeavors.


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"Bay Charm" officially launched and operated

On December 4th, the opening ceremony and biomedical industrial innovation salon of Bay Charm (Guangming Biomedical Innovation Center) was held at the Weiguang Life Science Park in Xinhu Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen City. Over two hundred people, including municipal and district leaders, leaders of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, representatives from Shenzhen Weiguang Biological Co., Ltd., resident companies, investment institutions, and cooperative units attended the event.