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Successful Conclusion of the First Shenzhen Translational Research Forum 2023


From December 10 to 11, 2023, the first Shenzhen Translational Research Forum 2023 hosted by Center for Translational Research of SZBL was successfully held. This conference brought together domestic and international research institutions, innovative pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, investment companies, CXOs, and other ecological communities with practical translational experience to support medical innovation and transformation in research institutions, aiming to create a top industry event in China's pharmaceutical innovation and transformation field. 

The conference integrated forward-thinking ideas and information exchange, the synergy between new drug translation in research institutions and pharmaceutical enterprise strategies, as well as capital and new drug development. It invited over 300 representatives from the research, investment, and industrial sectors to collectively contemplate issues such as "How can new research institutions carry out transformation," "Assessment of pharmaceutical capital markets on the direction of innovative drug development," "Innovative drug development strategies," and "How research institutions can better collaborate with pharmaceutical companies," while sharing practices and exploring methods.


Dr. Weijun Shen, Senior Principal Investigator at SZBL and Director of the Center of Translational Research, delivered the opening speech. He pointed out that this forum not only provided participants with a platform for information communication and exchange but also aimed to provide new ideas and insights for the transition of basic biomedical research from SZBL and even from China towards clinical transformation. Dr. Weijun Shen also introduced the research and development model, research team, main pipelines, and the latest developments of the Center for Translational Research.


The conference invited more than twenty well-known scholars and guests from domestic and foreign countries to deliver speeches, sharing their latest progress and insights on drug research, industry trends, future prospects, and achievements in their respective fields. In the roundtable forum themed "Discussion on Future Innovation and Transformation in the Trough of Biomedical Investment," forum guests, drawing on their many years of investment experience, shared their perspectives on the advantages, disadvantages, and crucial issues that need attention when professors from universities or enterprises transform innovative drugs and initiate startups. During the roundtable forum, the audience spoke freely, and the guests answered all questions, creating a highly enthusiastic atmosphere for discussion.


The successful holding of this summit forum marks the beginning of the Laboratory's commitment to building a high-level communication platform in the field of transformation. In the future, the Center of Translational Research will be based in Shenzhen, face the whole country, and look to the world, actively participating in and organizing more exchange activities. In addition, based on its own situation, the Center will explore new models and paths suitable for China's national conditions in new drug development and transformation, contributing more breakthrough achievements to the practical application of China's basic biomedical research toward clinical use.


Editor: Winston, Paula
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"Bay Charm" officially launched and operated

On December 4th, the opening ceremony and biomedical industrial innovation salon of Bay Charm (Guangming Biomedical Innovation Center) was held at the Weiguang Life Science Park in Xinhu Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen City. Over two hundred people, including municipal and district leaders, leaders of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, representatives from Shenzhen Weiguang Biological Co., Ltd., resident companies, investment institutions, and cooperative units attended the event.