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Strategic Cooperation between China Resources Group and Shenzhen Bay Laboratory


On the afternoon of November 11th, 2022, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Shenzhen Bay Laboratory and China Resources Group & the unveiling ceremony of the Joint Research Center of China Resources Sanjiu - Shenzhen Bay Laboratory was held in Huizhou.  Wu Yun-Dong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Executive VIce Director of the Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, Hu Xiaojun, Party Secretary of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, Tu Huan, Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, Wang Xiangming, Chairman of China Resources Group, Chen Xiaojun, Deputy General Manager of China Resources Group, Han Yuewei, Deputy General Manager of China Resources Group, and Qiu Huawei, Chairman of China Resources Sanjiu, attend the ceremony.


In the witness of Academician Wu Yun-Dong and Chairman Wang Xiangming, both parties signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between China Resources and Shenzhen Bay Laboratory. According to the agreement, China Resources Group and Shenzhen Bay Laboratory will take full advantages of their superior resources, carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of biomedicine, artificial intelligence, new materials and medical devices, and provide strong scientific research and achievement transformation support for the industries in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area; they will also make innovations in the mode of scientific research cooperation, establish a joint research center, and jointly promote research and innovation in key technologies through various means such as setting up industry-university-research teams to tackle key technological problems.


Then the two parties held the unveiling ceremony of Joint Research Center of China Resources Sanjiu - Shenzhen Bay Laboratory. Wang Xiangming, Chen Xiaojun, Han Yuewei, Qiu Huawei, Wu Yun-Dong, Hu Xiaojun and Tu Huan jointly unveiled the nameplate of the Research Center. The Research Center will be jointly built by Shenzhen Bay Laboratory Pingshan Biomedical Research and Development Transformation Center, China Resources Sanjiu and China Resources Research Institute of Science and Technology who will carry out joint technical research.


The principals of Research Institutes /Centers of the Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, the representatives of young scientists, and relevant leaders of China Resources Pharmaceutical Sector also attended the ceremony.


"Bay Charm" officially launched and operated

On December 4th, the opening ceremony and biomedical industrial innovation salon of Bay Charm (Guangming Biomedical Innovation Center) was held at the Weiguang Life Science Park in Xinhu Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen City. Over two hundred people, including municipal and district leaders, leaders of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, representatives from Shenzhen Weiguang Biological Co., Ltd., resident companies, investment institutions, and cooperative units attended the event.